I recently changed my ISP and purchased a new Netgear router/cable modem (AC1600). When I try to play a video on my PS4 using Media Player, if I select a video from a playlist created from a drive (WD MyCloud) directory -- e.g. mycloud://Public/HighQ/ or mycloud://Public/LowQ/ -- the videos will play. But, when I try to play a video from a playlist created based on an arbitrary metadata aspect (field in videos' property) -- e.g. genre = Comedy, or Studio = Paramount -- the PS4 Media Player spins for some seconds then says 'Can't Play video' (or some similar type message) and then the entry in the list greys out. The entries in both types of lists will display an image of the video, so I know the PS4 is correctly locating the video on the drive (or at least the correct Mezzmo entry, and Mezzmo has obtained an image from the video when it added the video to the created playlist.)

The Mezzmo service (not console) is identified and running in Netgear as Upnp.

Any idea of a solution?