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Thread: wrong aspect ratio

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    I have the same issue with my TXP42G20, running Mezzmo, aspect ratio is correct when streaming through a PS3.

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    the patch "MezzmoMediaServer exe" patch dated Feb 8 2011 fixed the aspect for my Panasonic Viera
    -- I now have 21:10 aspect

    many thanks to Dennis, Adric and the team for their great support

    looking forward to the February update

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    Hi, I have a LED LG TV 47inch LW95000.I use the latest version of mezzmo 2.7.1. I like when I play a video with aspect ratio 4.3 on TV it's only stretched from left and right and fills the screen. I try from TV but it have only two options real size and full screen but in full screen state I have black bars on the left and right, so I try other device profiles such as generic device ETC but I couldn't do that.So when I play a video with resolution 720*576 and aspect ratio 16.9 on TV it's played with aspect ratio 4.3 that its wrong aspect ratio. please help me.
    Thank you.
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    See our reply to your other post -
    (No need to double-post - we'll find your posts and answer them quickly )

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