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    I have a Bravia KDL46-HX800. My pc is Win 7 Core 2 Quad 6700 at 3ghz, 4gb ram. All of the video files I want to watch are on a Windows Home server. We just got the tv so this is my first shot at dlna. Downstairs we have a popcorn hour that streams our movies/videos just fine so I know the network is sound. Everything is hard wired.

    I cannot get this dlna stuff to work. After messing around I have been able to change the advanced settings and can get our home videos to play. They are from a Sony HD cam avchd. The default settings shows them as avc and they do not play, But if I change the settings they show up as mp2 and then play fine. I have re-encoded them into a .mpg file at 13mbps so that they play fine on the Linksys dma2100 extenders.
    I can also get our Blu-Ray rips m2ts files to play fine as long as the video is h264, if it is VC1 they do not play. We also have a few .wmv slide shows that will not play either.
    It seems the encoding is not kicking in. I have put the settings to their lowest level and it makes no changes. If I turn off the encoding option then only the .mpg files show up on the tv. Any ideas?


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    My Bravia plays videos just fine, after I converted them all to .MKV files. A pain in your case, though, and I don't know the capabilities of the other devices you have. I stream SD video (no HD rips as yet) over 802.11G without any hiccups.

    Good luck.

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    Please send a message to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and we'll send you an updated Bravia device profile that should help with the transcoding issue. Also, I'd recommend not changing the Advanced settings - these are there mostly for troubleshooting and it's best to leave them at default settings.

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    I have the exact same TV (KDL46-HX800) and I am also having some issues with Mezzmo working with it. I can play all my .mkv files without issue. I can also play SD mpeg-2 files. But, HD mpeg-2 files are another story. They start to play but within 5-10 seconds they stop and the TV says "the video file cannot be played". I have tried various profiles and I am currently working with support on this issue. The same files plays perfectly on my PS3. It just occurred to me to turn off the transcoding and see how that works. Of course that won't work for files that need to be transcoded, but it's worth a shot to see if it can just stream the mpg-2 files. I also experimented with Windows 7 WMP media streaming with the Sony TV and those HD mpeg-2 files work perfectly fine.
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