So I've noticed a "quirk" when manually updating a movie poster.

If you go to the properties of the item, then go to Change Poster - Get Internet Artwork and then click Search for Artwork, it takes multiple times (usually three times) of clicking that to get the artwork, almost every time; even if the movie metadata exists in the properties. This same quirk does not occur if you select Get Online Video Metadata instead. The error message displayed is "Mezzmo cannot find any artwork for this music or video using the information you have provided." The error message comes back very quickly. Clicking the Search for button multiple times, without changing the search criteria, usually three times, brings up the appropriate artwork (which you sometimes have to scroll through sometimes (I know this is normal)).

I mostly notice this when either there is the wrong poster, and I am changing it to the correct one, or it was unable to get the correct poster the first time.