So here's the "issue". I know it's not really a bug in the program, which is why I put issue in quotes. I have some folders that have multiple movies in them that are a part of a "series". I will use the Harry Potter series. It has all of the movies in it. In order to keep them in order, because Mezzmo doesn't have a built-in way to do that (which I get), I pre-number them. Like 01 -, 02 -, 03 -, etc... Where the "issue" comes in, about 85% of the time the metadata retrieval fails to identify the movie. I then have to go back and do a manual metadata retrieval for the file. As you can imagine, this can get quite cumbersome ass my library grows.

Here's the question. Is there a setting, or a way, to get Mezzmo to ignore the prepended 01 -, 02 -, 03-, et al WITHOUT ignoring items that actually start with digits, like 3:10 to Yuma, 9, 12 Monkeys, etc?

If there isn't, could we add a feature that's basically, "Ignore the following patterns at the beginning/end of a filename when looking for metadata" in the configuration some place?

Thank you.