I have a Samsung E series TV. I followed the Wikki guide to install the App. The installation was successful and I was able to add my Mezzmo Pro server by inputting the server IP address. Unfortunately the app is not working properly. It starts OK and shows the different playlist folders I have but once I select a folder, the folder content does not show correctly. For example in my Movie playlist folder I have many movie folders but only 1 folder is seen on the screen - the first movie in the playlist. Selecting the movie does open it up and shows movie info/metadata but that's about all I can do. Going back to the complete movie list is possible. If I use the left/right/up/down arrow keys I get error msgs but the app doesn't crash and sometimes a different movie folder will appear on the screen. So it seems like the arrow keys are causing the app to step through the folder list but 99% of the time I get error msg.