Mezzmo seems to be taking an extraordinary long time in loading. The splash screen loads, says that it is loading the playlists, then inidicates complete. The splash screen remains for almost 15-20 minutes afterwards and is the CPU is running at 50%.

I know my machine is not state of the art. It is a P4 3Ghz machine with 2.5 gigs of ram, running Winxp Pro, but I don't think it should take that long.

I do have a very large music collection with 6 active playlists that locate the top 100 for that century (50's, 60's etc). I am also working daily on my collection so files are being constantly moved around and re-tagged.

I was having Mezzmo load at startup but it was taking so long and interfeering with Net Nanny so I had to stop that. I now load as required, which is not the solution I had envisioned.

I'm not sure how Mezzmo is designed, but it appears to update itself when the machine loads. If that is the case, can it be modified to update when it is not in use.