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I did it and it just downloaded the thumbnail once again in the same size 213x320..
What actually happened? I feel like I need to do a reinstall of the whole Server.

It does not even matter if I download the thumbnails, or if I use the thumbnails from my Kodi backup, because it just scales them down for some reason.
I even tested it with paint, I drew some lines on one of my Kodi thumbnails, and then imported it. And yes, it got scaled down to again 213x320.. always that same number.
Not one of my Thumbnail Sizes (small, medium, large) have that size. So where does that number come from?

EDIT: Good news! After changing the Poster image sizes in "Streaming" at Options, it now at least in my appdata folder saves the thumbnails as the full size 480x720 files!!!
BUT.. on my TV Box it still is blurry and not full size, instead still some kind of down scaled version. I don't understand where that is coming from.
Probably the device profile for Kodi bringing them down to 360x360. Did you make the edit device profile change recommended above ? Peter will be around later and will be able to sort it out, if the profile change doesn't fix it.