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Thread: How do I force the Mezzmo Kodi-plugin to build itself into the Kodi DB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker555 View Post
    Oh, now I get it.
    It is a Kodi plugin. I thought it is a completely different Server now.

    I just wanted to try it, setting up my Server, but then I saw it's the Kodi client.
    At the moment I can't test my TV Box, but as soon as it's possible I will test it.

    So the Season 0 Episodes will now be put into their right Seasons?
    So if S00E01 is actually according to DVD order S02E04, will it be put there?

    Checking back to see if you've made any progress ? I've started investigating the ability to add Mezzmo context menu items to things displayed from the Kodi database and played natively through the Kodi main screen. As you've seen you can play Mezzmo movies and episodes from the native Kodi screen but a number of the Mezzmo extras aren't available via that method and sync needs to be enabled to populate the Kodi DB.

    If I am able to add the context menu items to the main screen items then you'll have close to feature parity with the addon. Some things which would still be missing would be the performance stats, slideshow viewer and non-uPNP server support. As well specific Mezzmo playlists and folders would need to be added as shortcuts in the Kodi menus in order to browse them.

    I'll post updates as I make progress. This will likely take some time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker555 View Post
    The Season 0 episodes just stayed in Season 0, both in Server and in Mezzmo on the Kodi client.
    Usually I am used to Kodi splitting the Season 0 and putting the individual episodes to the right Season, while at the same creating a "Specials" menu entry in the main menu of the Series (Season choosing screen)

    With Mezzmo this didn't happen in Kodi, but also not in the Mezzmo addon itself.
    On the Server it also didn't happen, but there I did not expect anyway.
    I wanted to make sure you saw this post . The work we did on your migration effort helped prompt this release.


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