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Thread: How do I force the Mezzmo Kodi-plugin to build itself into the Kodi DB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undertaker555 View Post
    I will once again do all from scratch.
    But first I will do a proper export from Kodi. Sadly in the current export something is wrong.
    This is not a good basis for using Mezzmo, because it could lead to problems, and I would falsely search for fixes in Mezzmo, when actually my export is the problem.

    About that dynamic thumbnail, I understood it like that I need to add a folder.jpg in each Season, but that would be by far too much work.
    Already one .jpg in each Series will take much time, especially since it has to be done manually. But for Series it is still ok.

    But anyway.. it should give some kind of setting about that..
    Placing a .jpg into each folder should not be the only solution..
    Ok. As you go through it again, let's try and capture which thumbnail are changing and what was done when they changed. Note on imported folders those should generally be static unless you add content at the top of the folder based upon sort sequence (i.e. if it is alphabetical it might change if you add something lower in the alphabet). The folder.jpg or Get Picture is a fix for this.

    For smart playlists and active playlists they adjust their folder thumbnails based upon their dynamic content which makes sense. Again, this can be set static by a get picture.

    If you have actual content changing thumbnails (i.e. for movies and episodes, then please indicate what happened prior to that). Generally that shouldn't change.

    Also, I would recommend deleting the actor dynamic playlist. I believe that will address the backdrop item you saw with actors. If you let me know which version of Kodi you are running, I can have an updated version of the addon for the season 0 stuff later today.

    One of the things I've learned working with other Kodi users is that by the time they realize the challenges of managing Kodi sharing across clients their libraries have grown large and they have a lot of customization in their environments. So replicating that again is a task but the thought of continuing it on, with all the maintenance overhead, will be even more work over the long run. Mezzmo takes a little bit of work getting setup but I found once I got it how I want, the maintaining my library work is minimal.

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