I'm having some aspect ratio issues with two Samsung devices. One more noticeable than the other.

1. I have a Samsung BD-J6300 Blu-ray player and Mezzmo displays fine if I access thru typical DLNA. But if I watch through the Mezzmo app with all of its wonderful features/metadata, I get black bars on the left and right of the video messing up the aspect ratio. Mezzmo auto-set this device to 'Samsung BDP' profile and I've also tried 'Samsung BDP (2013 models)' and 'Samsung BDP 3D' but get the same black bars when watching in app.

Is there a different profile I can use or some other fix I'm unaware of?

2. Then I have a Samsung Q7 Series (55) TV. It's also effecting aspect ratio to make things stretch taller, but here the video is somehow still full screen. The device profile I'm currently on here is Samsung K.

What profile would be best to switch to, or what other fix can I try?

Thanks for any help! Loving the program overall. Customization options are amazing. I've spent a lot of time setting everything up and thrilled with how it all looks, just want to get the aspect ratio fixed and I'm good to go