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Thread: Buying a new TV

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    Default Buying a new TV

    Hello everybody,
    I think its time to replace my "old" Sony TV (bought in February 2014) with a newer one.
    - Tv is mainly used to watch series/movies (Sky, Netflix)...
    - The budget would be around 2000$.
    I searched a bit myself and came to one of these televisions:
    Which one is better or could you recommend me other good TVs?
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    Hi There,

    I bought samsung 90" from Costco for $1,500 about a year ago .... LOVE IT .. so if your budget's $2K you can get lots more. I have NVidia attached to it because the Samsung OS isn't Android so no install of mezzmo on there. Works great though and the Nvidia works without programming anything with the Samsung remote ... right out of the box ... seriously strange .. lol together samsung and nvidia play quite well ...

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