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Thread: Philps OLED806/12 (2021/2022) profile

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    Default Philps OLED806/12 (2021/2022) profile


    I have Philips 65OLED806/12 TV from 2022. and there is no profile in Mezzmo server for that model.
    Because of that the TV cant play external .srt subtitles from Mezzmo server on my PC (they are supported on TV and play OK via USB).

    Is it possible to make profile for Philips 800 series OLED (newest in Mezzmo is for 2012. TVs) ?

    Thank you.
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    The 2012 profile supports external srt files but it is possible that the TV does not support srt via UPnP streaming. Sometimes the manufacturer supports different formats via USB than via streaming.

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    Thank you Peter for reply !

    You are right, i found this in manual: "The TV does not support subtitles on video streams from a computer or NAS"
    Unfortunately, Philips does not allow streaming external subtitles over DLNA/upnp (my old Samsung 60KS7002 supports subtitle streaming).
    I installed VLC on TV and it works OK but only native Philips media player app supports digital audio pass through over HDMI ARC to my AV receiver (DTS, DD, ...).
    I tried Mezzmo Android app on TV and it also doesnt pass digital audio through HDMI ARC.

    It looks like Philips has some issues and i am stuck with Philips Media player so i use MKVToolnix to embedd subtitles in video.

    I will try with Kodi app on TV.
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    One thing to look at is digital audio vs. bitstream audio and ARC vs. eARC. If you are doing simple digital audio then ARC will support it. If you are trying to do bitstream audio then eARC is required, which your TV supports but the device you are feeding must also support eARC. Also be careful with the number of channels. ARC can only support 5.1 whereas eARC can do 7.1. Here's a good link on supported formats, in case there are any questions.

    If Kodi works for you, then you might want to also load the Kodi Mezzmo addon for a much enhanced Mezzmo experience.

    Thanks and good luck,

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