Roku device:
1) Folder of music videos does not set Random selector button easily. Does not stay highlighted to indicate it is on and doesn't turn on with one click. Need to click it several times.
2) Same menu with Random selector, button above it to replay does not stay on. Assume it means keep going on all videos.
3) Same menu - what does PIN setting do? Can't set it and thought it was for setting random but does not seem to do anything.

Mezzmo App v6.0.6.0 on Windows 11:
1) Music mp3 files read cover art, but music videos and movie videos are not read MOST of the time. I use same app to set them with cover image and data but only mp3s are read well. Same app does mp3 and mp4. I use mp3tag v3.17 (free from which works on iTunes, Explorer and other apps except Mezzmo.
2) Editing cover info and "Locking" with the lock at top right of description info does NOT keep the information locked. Anytime Mezzmo updates it erases data and defaults to wrong info sometimes. Like Jazz Singer defaults to Al Jolson movie instead of Neil Diamond movie. Same with songs.
3) No way to tell what FILE the description information is pointing to. Sometime when information is wrong, I can't tell which file it's pointing to so not sure what to change it to. For example - 3 movies of Back to the Future named 1, 2, 3 and Mezzmo gives them all the same description and cover art. I try to see what file each is pointing to so I can be sure to fix the right one but no way to see what they point to. And lock does not work so I have to keep fixing this information!
4) I paid for Web Access mostly thinking this would allow me to see the movies and music on my iPad or iPhone but web access does not display the movies. Not sure what Web Access is really doing? What is it's purpose if not to play over web?
5) It would be NICE if playing a Music Video we can have the option to display the filename as an overlay for a few seconds in the bottom left corner (or centered or right side) so it can tell us what video is playing (like MTV type description of artist and song name).
6) Adding Music Videos is not an option, just Movie or Music, but Music Videos are combination of both since act like music (want to keep playing in order or random like music) but display like movies. So need third category so can treat them differently and not display them under Video (for last played video or under list of videos since really music).