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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerRamone View Post
    Ill need to try and remember how I access my kodi device over the internet.. but yeah
    I've looked at the code for managing servers and have an idea which I think is a good solution. Currently when a discovered server isn't responding the user is prompted with an OK button to let them know a server is down. I am thinking of changing it to a Yes/No button which will inform the user the server is down but ask them if they want to remove it from the server list. If the user answers yes, it will get removed and would only get added again if the user did a Refresh and the server was up. If the user answers no then the server will stay in the list. This might be for a situation where the user has taken a server down temporarily.

    I think this solution would work and could be added to the next release.

    Thoughts ?

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