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    it's been a while since i have been on here, but still use Mezzmo as my main media house.

    I'm getting one of the new Samsung "smart monitors" this weekend and will report back how it works with Mezzmo. It's based on Tizen and pretty much a regular Samsung TV but without the tuner, so it's super thin. So i dont expect anything different than a regular new Samsung TV user.

    The exact model is the 43" Samsung M7 B series. (Samsung LS43BM700UUXXU )

    I'm hoping the Samsung L profile will be the one, but again will check it all out.

    Once done i will report back and you can at least add it to your list of supported devices, and of course if there is any testing i can help with then please shout.


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    I can't seem to be able to download the Mezzmo for Samsung TV on my new 50" UE50TU7020.

    I go into the Apps section, search for Mezzmo and there is no app listed. Am I doing something wrong?

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    The Mezzmo app is not available on newer Samsung TVs as it only supports 1080p resolution.

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    Annoying becaouse it ran perfectly on my old UE50MU6120K which was a 4K TV, until my Sky box blew out it's HDMI ports and I has to get the new one,,, In fact it was still working on it, the only port that still worked was the network port!

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    Thanks That sounds like an interesting setup! Samsung's Tizen-based "smart monitors" are designed to offer smart TV functionality along with monitor capabilities. Since Tizen is a widely used operating system for Samsung smart TVs, you may have a similar experience to using a Samsung TV with Mezzmo. qr code scanner

    Please do report back with your experience using Mezzmo with the new Samsung smart monitor. It can be helpful for other users who may be considering a similar setup or looking for compatibility information. If you encounter any specific challenges or have tips to share, it would be valuable information for the community. Enjoy your new monitor!
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