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After running the processes you suggested, I got the following upon running the process again:

************ Mezzmo Artwork Checker Stats *************

Last time checker ran: 2023-03-21 23:06:08.046795
Mezzmo actors found: 81196
Mezzmo actors deleted: 6
Mezzmo Poster files found: 7493
Mezzmo Poster files without actor: 7250
Mezzmo UserPoster files found: 41350
Mezzmo UserPoster files without actor: 17
Mezzmo actor not found on IMDB/TMDB: 9874

Also, after running the aforementioned processes, I did not see any spurious references while the process 'mezzmo_actor.py images' was running.

Thank you so much for your assistance, it has been most helpful!


Glad I could assist. This conversation has given me a couple of ideas to for enhancements to the Mezzmo Artwork Checker, certainly making the sync process more obvious and maybe identifying orphaned records in Mezzmo (i.e. actors still exist pointing to movies which have been deleted etc...).

I'll give it some thought.