Mezzmo has always had the ability to support multiple movie trailers and fetching of them has occurred via the Mezzmo metadata scraping process. The Mezzmo Kodi Addon began supporting multiple movie trailers (up to 20) and support for locally host high quality trailers has been available for some time. However, the process to host high quality local trailers is currently a manual process and Mezzmo's built-in You Tube module limits trailers to 720P quality, as well as downloads them in real time vs. storing them locally. We all know that playing You Tube trailers in real time can be slow at times for various reasons or trailers, like actor artwork, can disappear from the Internet

I have started working on a new concept called Mezzmo Trailer Checker which is based upon the concepts and some code from the Mezzmo Artwork Checker which automates the checking, tracking and fetching new actor artwork against your Mezzmo actor database without the need to rescrape your library. It tracks the last time new artwork has been checked and allows fetching up to 1,000 new actor images at a time, along with the Mezzmo UserPoster feature to override the default images from the scrapers so you can have your preferred actor image without worry of it being over written or being removed (and stored centrally so you don't need to touch each Kodi client).

The Mezzmo Trailer Checker would be similar in concept with a few more capabilities. Here's a current set of features I am considering:

  • Read current You Tube movie trailer information from the Mezzmo database
  • Track movies which have local trailers, which don't and last checked time
  • Download high quality trailers from You Tube for local hosting
  • Automatically normalize and trim the You Tube trailers names
  • User selectable feature of 720P or 1080P quality trailers (if available, otherwise best quality available)
  • Automatically move trailers to designated location (i.e. NAS, local disk etc.)
  • Option for automatically locking the Mezzmo metadata to avoid overriding trailer information
  • Option for how many movies to check in each batch run of the Mezzmo Trailer Checker
  • Option to limit how many trailers per movie
  • Option to order trailers by size
  • Option for supporting prefer local trailer capability to allow You Tube trailers for Mezzmo web interface

Additional options might be checking disk space usage, trailer size limits and such. The Mezzmo Trailer Checker would leverage the existing Mezzmo Kodi addon movie trailer and sync features including automatically syncing trailer information to all Kodi clients, limiting the # of trailers to the user option and support for prefer local trailers to maximize your viewing pleasure.

I am curious what the interest level for this level of integration and automation might be ? I've already gotten the basics of the You Tube trailer downloader / name normalizing working and much of the database / automation code will come from the current Mezzmo artwork Checker. I've been hosting local trailers for my new movies for over 6 months and really like it. You might ask about the amount of space required. I have around 1,500 of my 7,500 trailers being hosted locally and they take up 42GB of storage on my Mezzmo server. This is without any limiting of trailer size other than me doing it manually. Part of this is my reason for developing this new tool, to automate the local hosting of of the other 6,000 or so movies as well as new movies.

There will be 3 prerequisites for this tool:

  • You will need to have Python 3.x loaded on the system running the tool
  • It will need to be a Windows based system
  • The system will need to have drive maps or local access to your Mezzmo database location and the location that will store the trailers

While Mezzmo can host local trailers via a web server vs. a local file access approach, I am not looking to initially support this capability. If there is interest in this hosting model, I'll consider it for future development.

Please let me know your thoughts on this tool concept. My goal is the continuing theme of automating things as much as possible and it easy with Mezzmo.