Hello, I just wanted to say I'm having the same issue with my xbox 360 and Mezzmo not playing the mkv files properly. It's weird though, because it only happens on some mkv files. Then if I restart them they sometimes work the whole way through. However, today 1 file kept stopping in the same exact spot.

I too have a decent enough computer to handle the encoding, AMD Quad Core, 8GB DDR3 memory and everything is wired via 1Gigabit router / Cat 6 cabling. :-)

I just bought Mezzmo TODAY after switching over from TVersity. Just wanted to let you know I too am patiently waiting for a more permanent fix ;-) didn't want to let this fall off the radar.

So far everything else is going great! I am loving the software and it is much smoother than TVersity and I love how it's able to go out on the internet and grab the artwork for each of my movies! Awesome feature ;-)