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This is 400 trailers that the path needs to be corrected in the database. I do have some experience with databases. Is it as easy as connecting with sql client to the database? If so, I may need schema to figure out where the files paths need to be corrected. More than likely, you will create a query a whole lot quicker.
Yes, it is as simple as pointing an SQL tool at the Mezzmo database. I use DB Browser for SQLite. The table is the MGOFileExtras table the File column. I just finished the bulk update to convert files from mp4 to mkv. I'll do some more testing but it is looking good.

So I am clear on your need you need files with:


to read:


correct ?

Let me see what I can do. I may have something tomorrow. I don't think the safe way here is to try and do it all with SQL alone but a combination of SQL and Python.

Please let me know if you can test mkv trailer download for a movie or two and they play on your Roku device. If so, I'll release the newer version tomorrow with the bulk update capability and hopefully a fix for your path issue.