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Thread: Enable Diagnostic Logging in INI file

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    Default Enable Diagnostic Logging in INI file

    Good morning.

    I used the Mezzmo interface to change the location of ffmpeg to a folder containing the latest essential version. The service then failed to restart. I rebooted my machine and the service still fails to restart with error code 1067. The Mezzmo interface won't open either so I can't turn on Diagnostic Logging there.

    I edited the INI file to revert the location of the ffmpeg folder but the same still happens.

    How can I edit the INI file to enable logging so that I can get some more information on why the service isn't starting?


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    Peter will need to help with the error code. Note though I have been discussing with Peter previously about compiling a newer version of ffmpeg (32 and 64 bit) which has the Mezzmo specific configuration items. It is likely going to be another month or two but I have targeted it before the end of the year, depending upon the ffmpeg release schedule. I am targeting version 6.1 of ffmpeg.

    Stay tuned,


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    Thanks Jeff, a new version would be really helpful as I know there have been several performance improvements since the version included with Mezzmo. I'll keep my eye out for the update.

    With regards to the earlier issue, I worked around it by restoring the full Program Files\ Mezzmo folder from a backup and all started working again.

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