Over the years we have developed an extensive library of home videos, largely GoPro. I have a "Home Movie" active playlist in which the keywords are "Year" and "Month." So, our videos are in folders for each year and then further divided into folders for each month.

1. In each "Month" folder and in the original folder I sort the videos by "Release Date (ascending)." Is it possible to impose that sorting order on all videos without opening the properties for each Month folder? I tried this with the Year folder sorting property, but it did not propagate down to Month folders.

2. When I display our Home Movies on the Mezzmo Roku app, the months inside the Year folder are not in order although the videos inside the Month folders are sorted as described above. Is there a way to display the Month folders in order? I know this is a picky item, but it will be convenient nonetheless.

3. These videos all seem to play well without transcoding when the Roku profile is Roku 4k. Yet, Mezzmo seems to prefer transcoding and the transcoded file never plays well. Is there a way to turn off transcoding or force the original file without opening each Month folder, selecting all files, opening Properties and using the Transcoding tab. Going through each Month folder, one at a time, to do this is a bit tedious.