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The D pad left and right buttons do not perform fast forward and rewind. If there are no dedicated fast forward and rewind buttons then there is no support for fast forward and rewind. You can seek using the seek bar by pressing the dpad then use the left and right buttons to move the seek bar. Other video players may have on screen fast forward and rewind buttons so you can try turning off the setting to use the internal video player in the Mezzm apps settings then try using MX Player or VLC as the video player when launching a video from within the Mezzmo app.
I would recommend adding support for that given that more and more devices are shipping with a D-Pad rather than dedicated FF/Rw buttons. That seems kind of short-sighted to not support more modern devices. It doesn't seem like it would be a particularly difficult option to add. "If button press equals this or this, fast forward. If button press equals that or that, rewind."