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Thread: Sony KDL/Bravia wireless stutter problem solved.

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    Default Sony KDL/Bravia wireless stutter problem solved.

    TL;DR - a wifi repeater connecting to the TV via it's wired/LAN port; it's the sony (USB) wireless that seems to be the issue.

    Longer ver for people who like babbling:
    I have a Sony KDL55hx800. I've been tearing my hair out trying to get it to stream movies without stutter via wifi. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. I realized that my wireless signal strength probably wasn't very good but there isn't any easy way to get a cable there from my router. So, I bought a wifi repeater and placed in between the TV and the wifi router (about 10' from the TV). The signal at the repeater was significantly stronger than at the TV and, according the the TVs diagnostics, the repeater's signal was extremely strong at the TV and yet I still got stutter.

    Fortunately, the repeater has a LAN port and I was able to string a cable from the repeater to the TV and now puff! all my stutter issues have gone away.

    Of course, I'm loath to write this because Murphy's law dictates that from the second I post this I will never see it work again.
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