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    So I downloaded the trial version to see how it works. I tried downloading a slide show of Hurricane Ike images from a news site. The images are in Flash format which I understood from the initial blurb, that Download Studion could handle. However, all I get is the web page saved to my hard drive. When I open the saved file, it still links back to the original web site to view the images. In other words, the images themselves have not downloaded at all. I could have achieved the same result by simply saving the web page. So, am I missing something?

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    Hi Bill,

    Can you send us the URL of the new site with the flash slideshow you want to download so we can take a look? This will enable us to give you more information about how to download the content you are after.

    In general, to download a flash slideshow you will need to be downloading the swf file. I will let you know more once I take a look at the slideshow.
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