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Thread: Foldername search?

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    Default Foldername search?

    The answer is probably written somewhere, but here is my question:

    I'm trying out Mezzmo, just scanned my video folder, but got a lot of VTS_... (in All Video Files), is it possible to do a folder-name-scan, not scanning all the files within the folders (like the folder option in XMBC)?


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    If you have a set of folders and sub-folders already on your computer containing all your video files and you want to have that same folder structure represented in Mezzmo, then the best thing to do is to add a 'folder playlist' in Mezzmo. To do this, click "Add To Library" toolbar button and click "Add Folder" menu item. Choose the folder you want to add, and Mezzmo will re-create your folder structure as folder playlists. These same folder playlists will be displayed on your DLNA client (TV, etc.). The additional benefit of these folder playlists is that they are dynamic. If you add more files into this folder (or sub-folder), Mezzmo will read it into Mezzmo dynamically - no need to import it manually.

    The "All Videos" playlist will still list all your videos. It is a smart playlist that lists all media files that are of type video. If you don't want it, you can remove it (or any other of the default playlists that ship with Mezzmo).

    In Mezzmo, if you want to find a particular file, then you can use the Search pane. It lists all the Genres, Artists and Albums. Selecting one or more will prune (or reduce) the Library to only those files that match your selections. Also, the Quick Search toolbar in the top right corner of Mezzmo lets you search for files based on text. Again, your Mezzmo Library is pruned (or reduced) to list only those matching files.

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