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Thread: video artwork problem..

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    Thank you for your explanation of the video artwork retrieval method. Is there a way to force Mezzmo to generate a thumbnail from the video instead of searching for .jpg, .png, or .xml files inside of the folder? My problem is this:

    I have a few folders of TV programs sorted by TV show name. Each show folder contains a folder.jpg file for use for generating a FOLDER image when using the Media Browser plugin for Windows Media Center (for playing those files on my computer or sending it to my Xbox 360). I use Mezzmo to send files to my LG BD590 Blu-ray player. It works fantastic, but it's using that folder.jpg as the thumbnail for every episode within that folder. Having the thumbnail generated from the video file itself instead of using the folder.jpg makes it easier to distinguish one episode from another. I have a 3-year-old who can't read, so when I'm scrolling through episodes, she uses the thumbnail to tell whether or not she has seen the episode or not.

    I know I can manually set the thumbnail for every individual file, but I was hoping I could get Mezzmo to do this automatically.

    Let me just add, like everyone else, how much I love Mezzmo. I spent over a month finally getting PS3 Mediaserver to "work" with my LG BD590 (especially getting it to transcode .MOV files properly), and I could still never get thumbnails to show up on it using PS3MS. Mezzmo worked wonderfully and simply after getting a patched .EXE file from support to get artwork sent properly to the LG.

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    The only automatic way of doing this is to remove the folder.jpg or other files containing thumbnails, as they take precedence and if Mezzmo finds one of those, it won't bother going to the video. There's no option to override this, but we can consider adding such an option to a future version if there's interest in this.

    Thank you for the great feedback - we appreciate it!

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