This feature might not be requested by many, but I will still thow it in the loop.
I have kids.. my kids love mezzmo... I love mezzmo (even more early mornings when they decide to watch a movie instead of jumping on me)

This said there would be some stuff that would make parenting easier..
Well.. my girlfriend is accually requesting this..
A way to limit device sharing to a certain time. for example lets say turn off sharing on the livingroom TV after 10.00 in the morning... after that its jumping on daddy time and tv stuff is not allowed.
And kids are sneaky.. sneeking up after bed time, time limiter would help me in becoming digital living overloard.. (Well.. after my girlfriend ofcourse)...
When thinking on this it could be a really cool feature! and a dealbreaker. and perhaps not to hard to implement (?)

What do you think? Could Mezzmo help me become a better parent and prohibit square eyes on the wee ones!? (Talking like groundskeeper Willie)