DownloadStudio v5.1 has been released. Improvements include:

  • New! Notify Popup window - convenient popup window is displayed whenever a download completes
  • New! Bandwidth Odometer - tells you instantly how fast DownloadStudio is downloading
  • New! Google Chrome supported - download files fast using DownloadStudio in the new Google Chrome web browser
  • New! Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2) supported - download files using DownloadStudio in the new Internet Explorer 8 (Beta 2) web browser
  • New! Full cookie support for Flock web browser
  • New! One-click error reporting when download jobs fail
  • New! Option to play a sound whenever a download completes or fails
  • Improved! Streaming media downloading supports more formats and live broadcasts
  • Improved! Faster downloading with more splits and more connections
  • Improved! Youtube flash video downloading
  • Improved! Faster click monitoring with web browsers
  • Improved! DownloadStudio URL Sniffer now finds more URLs
  • Improved! RSS Feed Reader nows supports more RSS formats

Please use the menu item "Check for updates..." to update your version of DownloadStudio, or download from