I know this isnt really a Mezzmo issue, but its becuase of mezzmo i found it

So i right click one of my mp3 folders in windows (7 ultimate) and got to properties and it says i have 11,300 files in there, i opent the folder and at the bottom of the window it says i have 8,253 files, Mezzmo sees 8,253 mp3's... there are no hidden files or folders i have enabled seeing them in the folder properties, where are the other 3,000 files and what are they?

I "thought" i had 53,000 mp3's but it apears i only have 40,645... This is NOT the case for my music videos, right click of folder reports 15,486 files, open folder actually has 15,485, Mezzmo finds 15,485 music videos, only 1 mystery file?

I know this is something windows related, if you can lead me to the right answer so i can find what these files are? Again they are not HIDDEN files... They just dont exist??

Mezzmo admins, good job with the software.. Not to expensive, 100% better method to database than WMP 12! Clean and fast!