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Thread: Using Mezzmo as default source and auto-off for bluray player - Samsung specific

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    Default Using Mezzmo as default source and auto-off for bluray player - Samsung specific

    These are not Mezzmo issues - but specific to a Samsung setup - just wondered if anyone has any advice.

    I was initially using Mezzmo through the TV - but realised it made more sense for us to use it through the bluray player.

    We can turn the bluray (and external speakers) on when we want to listen to music, and it will automatically turn the TV on with Samsung's Anynet feature. Doesn't work the other way round - which I guess makes sense as you don't always need the home theatre system when you turn on your TV.

    And if we just want to watch Sky, we just turn on the TV and use its internal speakers.

    Anyway, only niggle now is that when using the BR player as the media client it always selects the local disk as its default source. As Mezzmo is the only source when using the media client on the TV it wasn't a problem. But now we always have to change the device to Mezzmo before continuing. Can't say it's a huge deal for me, but the beloved wife is change there then.

    I realise it makes sense for the default source for a bluray player to be its disk drive, but wondered if anyone knew how to change the behaviour?

    The other issue is with powering off. Initially when I set everything up and was running the media client through the TV - if I turned the TV off, the BR player turned off. However, the BR player would not turn on if I turned the TV on. After realising it was better to use the media client through the BR player I now have a situation where the TV will turn on if the BR is turned on (which is good), but if I turn the TV off - the BR player stays on.

    Anybody know if it's possible to setup as follows:
    TV on -> just TV on
    BR on -> BR and TV on
    TV off -> BR and TV off
    BR off -> just BR off

    It's a Samsung LE37C650L1KXXU and HT-C5200


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    If you ever did find an answer to this, I'd love to know what it was. Same trouble here
    Samsung LE40C650 + HT-C5200

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