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    Default Active Playlist question

    Is there a way of only displaying the file list at the lowest level of an active playlist and not at each level. I only have a low powered PC that I run Mezzmo on so I convert my videos first to avoid transcoding. I want to organize my library by certificate and then device. The correct videos are displayed at the device level but all videos are displayed at the certificate level.

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    There is a setting (turned on by default, I believe) to not show files in an active playlist at the root level of that playlist, but then each child of that will show all of its own files and also the ones further down. We are considering adding an option to only display files in a relevant playlist in a future version.

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    Paul, So how do you turn it OFF? Under what menu? I get the active created folders plus ALL the files (like in a category) displayed at the root playlist level.

    NEVER MIND - I stumbled upon it. OPTIONS/GENERAL - Check box at very bottom!
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