It appears for some reason that Mezzmo does not read/interpret tags properly. On a number of pieces of music it throws them in the "Other" folder. I check on the folders on my computer and within MS MEdia Player and the tags are all fine. I can manually retag them in Mezzmo, but when I rerun the Maintain each night, it moves these files back into the "Other" folder. I have read the posts on Smart Playlists and am wondering if I should just manually create my folders to ensure accuracy, or is there some configurational thing I am missing? Also, I really don't care for all of the artist folders it creates under each genre, as some songs are there, and some just dumped into the genre folder. Should I be deselecting the "subfolder" option under Maintain? I am thinking overall I should just be doing Smart Palylist creation, but as in MS Media Player I would like to just automatically key off of the tags. I have spend manu hours tagging my music properly and it seems a bit like extra work to now create playlists when tags are already in place.