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Thread: Force transcoding on a specific video

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    Default Force transcoding on a specific video

    I was wondering if it is possible to force transcoding on a specific video file to a specific device? I have some video files that *should* play being streamed but do not, instead of messing around with the video to find out why i would like to simply flag it for transcoding to a specific device.

    Is this something Mezzmo can do?


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    I know from looking elsewhere on the forum that this is on the wishlist, and is something that the Conceiva guys are looking to implement on a future release of Mezzmo. No official word on an ETA yet but it's definitely the main feature I'm looking for too.

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    Thanks for the info. By the sounds of things the Conceiva guys are going to be busy adding cool features and enhancemnets.

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    Adric Guest


    Mike what files need to be transcoded? We can modify our device profile to do this. Please right click on the file in Mezzmo and get ffmpeg information and then post that.

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    I have converted all the ones that i had which would not play. On the next one i get i will post the information.

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