Ok, there're several classes of streaming devices and not all of them are DLNA-compatible. Those that are not, have their own, proprietary server software and interfaces that are matched (usually) closely between the PC and the end device. Mezzmo and other DLNA-compatible servers are generic in their nature, enabling them to talk to the thousands of DLNA devices out there. DLNA servers do not control the interface on the end device - the device presents files in the way it was developed to present them by the manufacturer. There is nothing that can be done to change that from our side. There are several exceptions to this rule, with some manufacturers having "back doors" for their servers that change the interface, but that's in the domain of reverse engineering those specific servers and introducing such changes into Mezzmo. One example of this is the Samsung TV B-series "rich" interface when using PCSM and "basic" interface when using any other server. So, in short, the device controls how things look on your TV.