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    I have been testing your software this morning and its now nearly the product I am looking for!

    However there are a few thing that I have never seen in a Media Server that I would really like.

    Multiple Genres - for example I would like to see 'Gremlins' under Horror, Comedy and Christmas.

    To add Actors, Directors to a film (Would be great if these were all imported from IMDB) with the ability to list all films with a particular actor.

    Have an indicator on an item to show if it has been viewed/listened to before.

    All of these details to me saved into seperate info files in the same folder as the video file instead of a database.

    Be able to run Computer Commands through the Server menus ie Shut down my PC from the TV upstairs.


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    Thank you for the suggestions! Some of those are already on our to-do lists, so they'll be implemented in future versions. I'm not sure whether we'll implement saving out to a separate file though, because doing that will greatly slow down building up folder lists to be delivered to the device and the device most probably will time out and abort.

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    +1 on "Be able to run Computer Commands through the Server menus ie Shut down my PC from the TV upstairs."

    Hardcoded commands e.g "Reboot PC", Restart Messmo server", "Stop transcoding".
    It would also be nice with the possibility to run custom commands so you can make your own scripts which can be triggered from the DLNA client.
    At home, I have my Mezzmo server in another building (it doubles as a backup server) and normaly manage it by RDP from another PC, but it would be handy to be able to perform common tasks from the DLNA client.

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