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Thread: Wish: Hierachical playlist, metadata editing

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    Default Wish: Hierachical playlist, metadata editing

    Hi, I've learned how to use the playlists, they work great but I really don't like that they seem to do their filtering/searching for the entire collection...

    Since we can move the icons of the playlist in the tree, that would be great the we could use them over a specified set instead of the whole library.

    Would also be nice that we could "write" the data we've entered for a specified file, into metadata. The first time I used Mezzmo, I've lost all the infos I entered for my files because I did not understood that doing a library maintenance and retrieving the info from the media files would erase the info I had entered myself. Done this mistake 3-4 time!

    Having a "write info as metadata" button in the property windows would sometime ease the work. Since I know this now I'm not going EVER to refresh all the infos from my files! Is there a way to write back the metadata back to a video media file? Windows doesnt to support info for theses types of files...

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    Thank you for the suggestions. We do plan to introduce hierachical playlists in a future version. A tag writed is also being considered, so it may be implemented as well (but probably not very soon).

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