I knew this issue for a while but I every time I forget to report. When DownloadStudio is installed in a multi-user environment, sometimes users do not have DownloadStudio toolbar displayed in their Internet Explorer. This issue occurs when an administrator installs DownloadStudio via his administrative user account but does not run it. (and he shouldn't!) Then when users (or the administrator himself) use their standard user accounts to run DownloadStudio, they will have no toolbar.

This issue occurs because 1) installing an Internet Explorer toolbar requires access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key that only administrative accounts have and 2) DownloadStudio installs the toolbar during first start up not during setup.

My recommendation is that toolbar must be installed during setup not by the program itself. However, per-user settings such as integration settings (which are to be written into each user's own HKEY_CURRENT_USER) must be set by DownloadStudio itself. In case of need, toolbar can disabled/enabled in a per-user basis by Internet Explorer itself.