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Thread: a little help

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    Default a little help

    Hey all!
    I'm very pleased with DownloadStudio and you guys did a great job but i still
    have a little issue. I own a Premium Rapidshare account and although i have checked the "Direct Link" option in my account and added the login information in DownloadStudio, i still can't download the files..

    Any ideas?

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    Default Downloading from RapidShare as a Premium user

    As a RapidShare premium user you will need to open Internet Explorer and log into your RapidShare account before you download any files. This will setup the cookie with your details.

    It is also important that you do not add your RapidShare username and password into the login details for the job in DownloadStudio.

    This should get you up and running

    If RapidShare is still not working can you provide some details about what is happening when you try and start downloading a RapidShare URL, also what OS and browser you are using. Thanks.
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    Dear Brent thanks for the reply!!
    You were right about the cookie setup, so now i'm all fired up and ready to download!!
    many thanks!


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