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Thread: Resuming a download whose cookie expires quickly

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    Default Resuming a download whose cookie expires quickly


    I need suggestions regarding how to handle a special download suggestion. I am willing to download from a web site on which I have a membership account. The site sets a cookie on each of its resources that expires in 30 minutes.

    However, I'm willing to download a files which would take very long to complete. As you have guess, I CAN resume this download if the connection drops but only during the beginning 30 minutes. After that, if the connection drop, I have to restart. I can always refresh the pages in the browser and get another cookie but what about this download?

    Is there a why that I can download this file via DownloadStudio and resume it in case the connection dropped after the cookie is expired?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unfortunately, once the cookie has expired, the download job containing the expired cookie will not be able to successfully download or resume downloading the file. In this case, you have no choice but to go back to your web browser and click on the link for the download. This will enable you to get a new cookie and let you download the file again.

    If your connection is dropping regularly & causing these problems, one thing you can do to alleviate the problem is to fine-tune the default error handling. In the Options dialog (Connections page), perhaps reduce the default timeouts from 60 seconds to (say) 10 seconds. Your changes will be used for all future downloads. Existing downloads can be changed in the Download Settings dialog for each download job.

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    OK, I got it. I can get a new cookie and a new URL to the same download, but the trouble is: I can't change use them to resume, because, if my memory serves well, if I make the slightest change in a job's properties, DownloadStudio would reset the download back to zero. I believe you should consider solving this issue in the future.

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