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    Default Rapidshare and proxy feature request

    I've downloaded and tested the latest downloadstudio. I must say I'm very impressed as it has most of the features I look for, in particular, the ability to monitor and paste several links directly onto the software for downloading. This feature is strangely missing from most of your competitors' products.

    But two things actually stopped me from using it. First, as has been reported elsewhere, Rapidshare Premium doesn't work with it. Instead of the actual file, I could only download a small little file. Nothing is wrong with the file availability, my password and I most definitely have enabled direct download at rapidshare. I've no trouble downloading from rapid with freedownloadmanager.

    Another issue, which is more of a request. When adding or editing a site on the site management dialog, I could change many settings, but I'm only allowed the option to "not use proxy"? How about the case when my default is NOT to use any proxy, but I'd like to use proxy for that particular site? Why is this not allowed as an option? Looks like an easily fixable oversight.

    Another proxy-related request: everytime the download screen appears (say I copied a list of URLs to my clipboard, and the program detected it and opened a download dialog), I'd like to be able to specify if I'd like to use proxy or not, and which proxy. Unfortunately the option is not offered, which could be important for some downloads.

    Any case, cheers for a great product. I have to uninstall it in favor of another software, but when these are fixed, I'd be back to take a look. My worry is: the trial period would probably be over by then.

    Have a great X'mas!
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