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    Default Private messages in this forum

    It's not actually a DownloadStudio question, but I couldn't find any other section in this forum to post it.

    why my Private messages inbox is filled with Virus Alert messages?
    There's a Notifictions link above this page which clicking it, will take me to my received private messages.
    To my surprise, it's filled with messages that tells me my PC is infected and asks me to download some exe files to remove these viruses.

    And a lot more commercial messages.

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    Thank you for reporting this.

    About a year ago there was an issue where spam started being sent as private messages. We upgraded security and we are not aware of any issues since then.

    If the spam messages you have received are recent, then please contact support and we will close any accounts that are sending spam.
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    Sorry, I didn't notice the dates.
    Yes, they were one year old messages.

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