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Thread: Running Mezzmo on several computers

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    Default Running Mezzmo on several computers

    I’m doing most of my active file management (i.e. setting up file structures, ensuring that meta data is correct etc) on a laptop but would prefer to do the actually running of Mezzmo on a computer in the study which is pretty much always on and therefore available for the media streamer to access. The files themselves are on a network drive so unaffected. Is there any way to “mirror” Mezzmo on a second PC?

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    If your paths are always strictly pointing to the network share, then you could copy the Mezzmo.db to another PC and it should just work. If you have mapped drives, then of course you'll need to make sure the drive letters are the same on both PCs.

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    All paths do point to the network share so that should work. I'll look to see if I can copy the Mezzmo.db file on a regular basis and see if that works. I'll report back with results.

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    I don't know your current setup, but an alternative would be to use Remote Desktop to manage Mezzmo on another computer. I have been doing this since I built my media server computer and it works great. I have the media hard disk connected to the media server computer and mapped to my laptop on the network so I can copy files to and from it, but any work I do with Mezzmo is through remote desktop from my Windows XP laptop to my Windows 7 media server computer. It actually works very well since it only takes three or four clicks and a few seconds to pull up the screen on the other computer from my laptop.

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