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    Default Howto Codecs

    Note. I am using Mezzmo against my PS3 in my living room perfectly. Couple of file types still will not play (mkv and some dvd preescreen avi file (have no idea what codec they use).

    First of, completely remove all your codecs from your computer (most of us have tons of different codec packs installed, ex: divx, xvid, ffdshow and so on).
    (having trouble removing your codecs, try Codec Sniper)

    When you have finished removing everything, reboot your computer.

    Download and install:

    Now Fire up your Mezzmo copy and try adding video files.. Remember, if they play in Mezzmo, they will play on your PS3, Xbox or other video device..

    I have the Lazy man's mkv codecs, but I can't play mkv files with mezzmo. They play okey in win mediaplayer and other players.
    If someone have got mkv working with Mezzmo, please let me know in this thread..

    Other tips regarding codecs are also welcome in this thread, since the main problem streaming video to other devices will be missing codecs..


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    Default Problems with divx codec

    presumably you ran into a similar/the same issue that I have. When the divx codec is installed, mezzmo has problems adding files to the library, and will not play anything at all - audio nor video.

    I have followed your advice and got mezzmo importing and playing - BUT - I like to convert all my DVD's (several hundred) to DivX and need the DivX codec. Seems like I will have to use one PC for transcoding and another for delivering the mezzmo functionality. I tried several sequences, installing divx codec, xpcodecpack and mezzmo in various orders to get to the same status - divx.dll is called and crashes mezzmo upon file/folder import, or playing any selected item.

    This is not such a big deal for me personally as I am using VMware Infrastructure and can install a new server of whatever shape I like and have it boot up when the main server starts. Such a partitioning solution in combination with NAS (or more usually SAN) storage is typical of the way things work in 'big industry', to minimise conflicts, facilitate operational processes etc. For the everyday home PC user, this is not of course ideal, and such virtualisation is likely not available or maybe not even understood by the everyday user and so a one-box-for-all technical solution would be preferred.

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    Talking How TO log

    I ve had some problems with some codecs, too. I emailed their <support> and we worked it out. The best is to get an app called SHERLOCK codec Detective and create a report, then you email it to them.

    They actually have pretty good/fast support and they can tell what's wrong by looking at the log and the codec report. It's usually codec-related


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    Default forgot to add

    Forgot to add : get and get the VistaCodecPack - that fixed my problem. FFDShow is pretty good too.

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