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Thread: From Mezzmo v2.2 to v2.3 on Samsung C

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    Default From Mezzmo v2.2 to v2.3 on Samsung C

    Hi everyone,
    I'm Alex and, first of all, I want to thank Conceiva for the awesome product Mezzmo!
    after my "love declaration" i would leave to all of you my feedback and my experience with this usefull software.

    I have a samsung UE-32C6000 and i used for about 3 months Samsung PC Share with good results but i needed a complete product with some others features.
    I think i've a specific configuration for which I have particular needs, such as ability to share contents from a NAS, best compatibility with specific file formats, but at the same time mantaining the old samsung software features.

    One of this feature "was" the possibility to resume playback (thanks to the newer version!)

    my pc is composed by a motherboard with Intel Atom D525 CPU integrated, 4GB ram, SSD drive, gbit ethernet, 2 NAS and win7 64bit. (before of that an older Atom, an old NAS and win XP)

    before today i had a big problem, with my new NAS and new OS: I verified many playback stops, expecially with heavy MKV files, and thought there was some problems with my new configuration.

    instead the problem was the transcoding! (probably too much heavy for the new nas and cpu together). so I just disabled it and now it works fine.
    I don't know if this is a known problem but I think it could be usefull for some other users!

    I apologize for my English (italians do it worse ) and for the "long letter"!

    I wish you all to enjoy in media sharing


    EDIT: and probably I'm in the wrong section, best in "Wish List and Feedback"? someone will move this??? thanks
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    Thank you for the great feedback and I'm happy that Mezzmo is working well for you!

    (I've moved your topic, as you've asked, to "Wish List and Feedback")

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