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Thread: What affect do profiles have on streaming speed?

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    Lightbulb What affect do profiles have on streaming speed?

    Hi chaps,
    I was setting up Mezzmo for a friend last night-Mezzmo on a laptop, run via Ethernet and Powerline to the next room, to a Samsung (UE46C5100). It is a Series 5 TV so I wasn't sure which profile to use to so I used the Samsung C one. I put the speed setting as Homeplug 14Mb/secs (even though they were Turbo 85Mb/secs) as the electrical wiring is old and a few extensions were being used.I then used the native DLNA app on the TV to stream a bog standard .avi movie-codec was DivX, I think.
    No matter what I tried, the movie kept on buffering-looking at the laptop with the aid of a real-time meter (Netmeter), the laptop kept on trying to push out streams in excess of 30Mb/secs.Suffice to say, the Powerline adaptors couldn't handle this. I couldn't work out why this would be the case when I had put the adaptor settings at 14Mb/secs. In despiration, I changed the profile to a Samsung B-da da, the movie worked great and after an initial burst, settled down to about 3Mb/secs-sorted.

    Does a profile overide the manual speed setting?



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    Transcoding settings for the C and B series are different, thus you'll get different output. It should not have gone as high up as 30 Mb/s though. The network type setting will try to adjust the output stream bandwidth to a certain limit, but this is not guaranteed, as encoding is variable-rate and it may go over it. I would actually recommend trying the default setting first with a Samsung B profile and see if that works. If it doesn't, then try a less restrictive network setting and go down until it starts working.

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