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    Default Horizontal Lines In Motion Area

    I posted this on Western Digital's website last night. Does anyone have this issue?


    I have a DLNA server on my home network connected to a Samsung LED TV. All videos in my collection play perfectly and are very clear.

    Today I purchased a WD TV Live Plus media player. It was fairly easy to set up, but I immediately noticed horizontal lines and stuttering with some of my videos. Many other videos play fine. The horizontal lines only appear with motion and are localized to the motion area.

    All videos in my collection are encoded as .mkv/h.264/DTS and AC-3 Pass-thru. My network is wired gigabit. The TV connection is HDMI.

    I tested several configurations in the media player, but cannot eliminate the distorted and/or stuttering video. I also tried two TVs and component video....both display the same behavior.

    Could I have a bad player?

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    Just posted this on WD's website. Still need help....thx


    I replaced the unit and still have the same problem. Earlier, WD suggested downgrading the firmware and playing a problematic video from a USB jump drive. No improvement, thus eliminating my network and streaming server.

    The issue looks like interlacing lines and they only appear over areas of high motion (e.g. a person waving). Static frame content is clear. Animation especially shows the behavior while some non-animated videos just stutter.

    It seems reasonable that my files are compatible with the WD TV player. I wonder if they are too compressed, although they play fine and look awesome on my Samsung TV. The streaming data rate varies from 192 kbps - 448 kbps (animation the slowest bit rate). Most files in my collection are 720p.

    I will test a few other formats, but hope to avoid transcoding my collection to another standard. All feedback is appreciated.

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    So, they display the same when playing from a USB, right (just to eliminate Mezzmo/FFmpeg from this)?

    Would it be possible for you to send one of your files to us, so that we could test it here as well? I am not sure if we'll be able to find a solution, but at least we could confirm whether it's a unit problem (we have two WD TVs here) or a file issue.

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    Just posted on WD's forum. Looks like my issue is solved.


    I have a LG GGW-H20I BluRay R/W player. I assume it is progressive scan?

    Thank you RoofingGuy and TonyPh12345. You got the brain juices flowing . The "High Profile" settings (modified) in HandBrake did the trick. No rmore lines/stuttering.

    Should I make this the default profile to convert my DVD collection....or is it "hit or miss" depending on the tile?

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