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Thread: A 'Portable' version of DownloadStudio

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    Default A 'Portable' version of DownloadStudio

    You guys on here ever use or heard of portable apps

    We 'portable' fans out here need a portable version of this fine application called DownloadStudio so we could pop it on my usb stick and use same download manager across many computers (personal use).

    A portable version can be a prompt option for during the install process... click on image for example

    .... or alternatively if the devloper staff feels that a 'portable' should not exist at all as choice during installation then why not consider a separate downloadable build that is portable (.zip package) and that reuires no install, writing to registry, writing to folders other than the application's own folder. The portable may be a bit more stripped down than the installer version however most of what I want is in DownloadStudio including manual pasting of bulk clipboard links (sweet!) + gorgeous UI, I feel this is a really completed download manager.

    Especially if the installing of the WinPCAP and other system/driver stuff for the streaming feature in DownloadStudio, if this can be averted in both installer and a future portable versions - as some people may not need it or never use streaming

    What is the thoughts on a portable version?
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    Hi Barry,

    Your thoughts are great. We've had several requests for a portable versions and we are considering it. Like you say, our thoughts are that it may not be feasible to make all of DownloadStudio fully 'portable' since it consists of many parts and does so many things - integrates into web browsers, sniffs URLs using Winpcap, captures audio/video, captures flash video, captures clipboard URLs, schedules downloads, etc. A stripped down version will suit your needs better, and we guess most other USB stick users.

    So, we will consider it for our next major version.

    Many thanks,


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