I found Mezzmo yesterday am am very impressed. I run 3 MP101s around the house, wired and wireless. The Netgear server was effectivley unsupported and buggy. With Mezzmo, everything works well. Except for one issue.....

Browsing to a music folder with one track in it, the track will play, finish, and replay. At that point one can hiy the home button on the remote and go else where. All fine.

However, if you use browse ARTIST to navigate to the same song, select and play, its plays it quite happily, but at the end of the song, the MP101 says "no server connection", pauses, then displays "Connected". The unit is now frozen and only a power cycle will bring it out of this state.

Later today I will see if the same is true for playing an entire album from the folder, and then via browse artist.

Apologies if this ground has been covered before (I have looked). Hope you can at least reproduce the isuue.

I'm really impressed with Mezzmo after 24hrs. I expect to subscribe!

Thanks in advance