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Thread: I can download sound with it

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    Default I can download sound with it

    My operating system is Windows XP...I downloaded the trial version of Download Studio to see if it works on my computer but though I am able to download video, the sound that should come with it doesn't seem to be recording. I've followed the suggestions for this problem in the Help file to no avail...What to do next? THANKS

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    I will assume you are using the DownloadStudio A/V Capture program to capture video playing, rather than downloading the file directly.

    If no audio exists in your recorded file, it suggests that you do not have the correct audio source selected. You have probably already tried this, but try changing the Audio Source when capturing the video/audio. To do this, click the Recording Options button on the DownloadStudio Audio/Video Capture window. Click the Audio Recording tab. Choose 'Stereo Mix' or another audio source and see if that works. Since all computers have different configurations you may have to try a few different audio sources until you can hear audio being recorded when you play it back.

    Are you using a laptop? If so some laptop vendors remove the ability to select the correct audio source, usually 'Stereo Mix'. I would use a search engine to search from your laptop model and how to enable stereo mix, and see what it comes up with. Here is an example of a thread of dell users discussing how to get stereo mix to show on their laptops.

    I hope this information helps.
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